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  • Fri 28 June 2024 - Sat 27 Jul 2024 Music

    Summer in the Courtyard

  • Sat 13 July 2024 - Sun 25 Aug 2024 Exhibition

    University of Huddersfield Costume with Textiles Graduate Show: Made in Huddersfield

  • Thu 25 July 2024 Comedy

    Comedy Cellar - July 2024

  • "Young Elton" dressed in a multi-coloured, feathered jacket and trousers with big round sunglasses. On the back of the jacket, surrounding his head, are large, brightly coloured feathers matching the jacket and trousers.
    Fri 26 July 2024 Music

    The Elton John Show

  • Host, Rose Condo, stands in front of a seated crowd reading from a notebook.
    Wed 31 July 2024 Spoken Word and Talks

    Courtyard Stories

  • Thu 1 August 2024 - Fri 2 Aug 2024 Workshop

    Summer Sessions

  • Pastel coloured illustration with two speakers, a microphone and cartoon characters laughing
    Fri 2 August 2024 - Sat 3 Aug 2024 Comedy

    Courtyard Comedy Festival

  • Various images of Shakespeare in different bold colouring.
    Wed 7 August 2024 - Fri 9 Aug 2024 Drama

    Shakespeare in the Courtyard

  • A person holds their hand into the air. Their hand is all green and from their fingers flowers and leaves are sprouting. Another person stands behind them staring at the hand. There are different flowers above their heads.
    Sat 10 August 2024 Family

    Green Fingers