Trojan Horse

Tue 22 Oct 19


Trojan Horse was a local story that hit the national press, accusing ‘hardline’ Muslim teachers and governors of plotting extremism in Birmingham schools. Adapted from the real-life testimonies of those at the heart of the UK Government’s inquiry, critically acclaimed theatre-company LUNG investigate what really happened. Amnesty International Freedom of Expression and Fringe First Award-winning, Trojan Horse is the story of a community torn apart by racial division, ‘British values’ and the culture of Prevent.

Urdu translation through headsets is available for this performance for audience members who may need it.

The performance will be followed by a post-show discussion chaired by Madiha Ansari with Professor John Holmwood.

Jess – Komal Amin
Rashid – Mustafa Chaudhry
Farah – Gurkiran Kaur
Tahir –  Qasim Mahmood
Elaine – Keshini Misha

Elaine, Farah & Jess – Madiha Ansari
Rashid & Tahir – Uzair Bhatti
Sound Engineer – Kaviraj Singh

Engagement Manager – Madiha Ansari
Associate Director – Gitika Buttoo
Fundraiser – Josh Chua
Producer – Ellie Claughton
Carpenter – Jon Claughton
Production Manager – Crin Claxton
Sound Designer – Owen Crouch
Assistant Producer to Grace Dickson – Ellie Claughton
Deputy Production Manager – Alex Earle
Design Consultant – Rana Fadavi
Academic Advisor – John Holmwood
Touring Exhibition Artist – Faisal Hussain
Community Engagement Consultant – Siara Illing-Ahmed
Script Consultant – Aisha Khan
Touring Stage Manager – Camille Koosyial
Writers – Helen Monks & Matt Woodhead
Lighting & Projection Designer – Will Monks
Engagement Assistant – Nitha Noor
Script Translator – Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi
Rehearsal Stage Manager – Marie-Angelique St. Hill
Rehearsal Translator – Umber Qureshi
Vocal and Dialect Coaches – Gary Owston & Joel Trill
Director – Matt Woodhead

Event Details


£8 - £16

Discounts available:

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Running time:

1 hours 15 minutes

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