The Big Move

Sat 5 Oct 19

Jamrock Productions Ltd
Written by Angie Smith

Siblings Mona, Ida and Joe moved to England in the hopes of a better life. A few years and a couple of marriages later, they’re ready to return to their home of Jamaica, but it’s not going to be as simple as it sounds.

Ida has a choice between Jamaica and her husband’s home of Barbados, but Joe has an even bigger decision to make. Will his wife, Jackie, want to leave Yorkshire to start a new life in Jamaica, a place she’s never been? What will he do if she doesn’t want to go?

Then there’s Mona, she’s always been tough when it comes to men. Will she find Mr Right, Mr Wrong or no man at all?

The Big Move is the latest comedy from Jamrock Productions, which sees much-loved writer and actor Angie Smith make her return to the stage.

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Running time:

2 hours 0 minutes


20 minutes

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