Secret Story Network: Dance Around The Fire

Tue 14 Apr 20

Interactive stories in partnership with Secret Story Network, Tuesday 14 April 7pm.

Stories are better with friends!

Secret Story Network is a series of live interactive stories that take place on smartphones and tablets in WhatsApp. These handheld stories are role player games led by a story conductor in which the audience actively participate. (It’s like Dungeons and Dragons but without the massive rule book.) More info: 

No experience necessary but you must have access to a smartphone and have the WhatsApp free application installed. You can find out how to do that here. 

This week’s story is Dance Around The Fire.

Dance Around the Fire is an interactive story that calls on you to make art, performance and merriment – on your phone!

You are invited to meet with a group of fellow artists in the forest. You and sit around the campfire and tell stories, sing songs, draw pictures. You do what you do best… (or worst!)

You must improvise to impress us and maybe you’ll win this rustic talent competition?

The prize will come as a big surprise.

You don’t have to dance… but you can if you want!

Please note each Secret Story is limited to ten people. Suitable for ages 18+.

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