Pairs: Passionate Machine / Eleutheromania

Tue 26 Mar 19

Pairs are specially curated evenings of discovery – each is a double bill of a theatre performance twinned with a short dance work.

Rosy Carrick
Passionate Machine

Winner of The Infallibles Award for Theatrical Excellence and Brighton Fringe’s Best New Play Award 2018, Passionate Machine is a playful, intelligent and searingly honest story about obsession, salvation, time travel and finding yourself – literally.

Alice Henry

An exploration into the mental illness Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) through dance. The piece looks particularly at the inner monologue, rituals and actions of somebody who suffers with OCD, with specific reference to the different types of OCD such as contamination, invasive thoughts and checking.

Pairs is supported by Surf The Wave.

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£8 - £14

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Running time:

1 hours 30 minutes


20 minutes

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