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Ivan Brackenbury supports Tom Binns: The ‘Psychic’ Comedium

Fri 7 Feb 20

Multi award winning comedian Tom Binns has performed his ‘Psychic’ Character Ian D Montfort to 5-star reviews around The World and in the smash hit British film Eaten by Lions. He’s entertained and amazed sceptics and believers alike on his own BBC Radio 2 series Ian D Montfort is: Unbelievable and his critically acclaimed BBC 1 Friday night series Hospital People.

During this time Tom claims to have discovered a genuine ‘psychic’ ability and now performs as The ‘Psychic’ Comedium. Join Tom as he clearly makes jaw dropping revelations about his audience. But is he gifted, or is he deluded, or is he just full of s***?

Whatever you decide his gift for comedy is undeniable and his ‘psychic’ powers are unbelievable!

“Binns has either gone native or so deeply ironic that he’s lost touch with reality. I can only assume he sells more tickets if he claims to be the real deal. In this post truth ‘end of days’ era we’re living in, why not? Best of luck to him”
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