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Sat 26 Jan 19

Dick & Lottie

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Dick & Lottie present Ayckbourn’s classic ‘Damsels in Distress’ trilogy, beginning with GamePlan.

Teenage Sorrel fights to keep herself and her abandoned mother, once a dot.com businesswoman, financially afloat by setting up as a part-time hooker, advertising for clients on the internet and persuading her tearful school chum to act as her maid. Just when you wonder what will happen in this terrible situation the play becomes a comedy about body disposal, police questioning and media intrusion.

Join Dick & Lottie later in the year as they complete this trilogy with FlatSpin and RolePlay.

Melissa Wadsworth as Sorrel

Claire Marlein as Kelly

Maria Sykes as Lynette

Phil Butterfield as Leo

Todd Wilson as Dan

Catherine Traveller as Grace

Andrew Goulding as Troy

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£8 - £12

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Running time:

2 hours 0 minutes


20 minutes

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