Finding Your Power: Storytelling with a Strong Lady

Tue 15 Sep 20

After almost 20 years performing feats-of-strength as a circus Strong Lady, in her new show POWER, Charmaine Childs is using her strength and circus physicality to tell you stories.

POWER celebrates stories of feeling powerful, even in an uncertain world… moments of strength, resilience, connection, choice and change. POWER is an energetic, optimistic (and at times moving) solo show that weaves Charmaine’s own experiences with an array of real people’s stories from interviews with men and women around the UK. You can book tickets for POWER by clicking here.

In this storytelling workshop, Charmaine will guide you in identifying an experience in your life where you found strength and felt powerful. You will then be supported in crafting these experiences into stories through storytelling techniques and tips. You will have the chance to share your story with the other workshop participants.

The aim of the workshop is not only that you feel seen and will reframe yourself as powerful – but that by engaging with the stories of others we help to build a sense of connection and respect, sparking deeper conversations and stronger community bonds.

Sign ups for Finding Your Power: Storytelling with a Strong Lady are now closed.

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Running time:

1 hours 30 minutes

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