A.L.I.C.E In Wanderlust

Sat 31 Aug 19

British Youth Music Theatre
Written by Ellis Kerkhoven
Music by Adam Gerber

We called the mission Wanderlust. No one could have predicted what would come next. Out in the darkness, in the vastness of space and time, what truths can be discovered, what fragments of data have been collected? What does A.L.I.C.E know?

From an exceptional young company of emerging talent, comes a highly innovative new musical exploring humankind’s eternal impulse to journey into the unknown. Featuring a powerful, original score combining contemporary electronic music with a live choral soundscape.

How far will we go in our thirst for exploration, experience and discovery, for our wanderlust?

Family Ticket: Four people for £44*
*Must include at least one person under 18

Event Details


£10 - £14

Running time:

1 hours 20 minutes

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