In the Family Way: A creative opportunity for people aged 16-25

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Fallen women, wayward girls, whore and ner’ do wells.  These are just a few of the names given to describe young women who would find themselves needing the help of women’s homes across the UK.

You may not know that one of these homes was once located in what is now the LBT.  The Women’s Home in Huddersfield was quite revolutionary for its time and provided refuge for unwed, pregnant young women, many of whom had been cast out by their families and in desperate need of help and support.

Together with a group of creative men and women aged 16-25 we will be bringing these stories to life, putting the audience in the shoes of these women to experience what it would have been like to visit the Women’s Home during it’s existence.

Participants will work with professional artists and original source materials from Heritage Quay to create a site specific and immersive experience for audiences to visit.

For more information about how to take part download the information sheet here or contact