Drama Tue 29 March 2022 - Wed 30 Mar 2022

Every Little Hope You Ever Dreamed


Amid deep snow and icy winds a man and woman make a train journey home. As the train becomes stuck attempting to navigate a drift-too-far, they’re brought together and fall slowly in love with each other.

Surrounded by driving rain and the smell of earthy damp, a man sits on a bus. He is going to tell the love of his life that she is the one. He’s not seen her for six years but is certain that she is the missing thing from his life.

In an excessively central-heated house, an elderly mother listens to the voicemails left by her son. She listens to his doubts, his dreams and his hopes.

In a theatre a performer tries to win an audience with his story of love, fate, chance & hope. The story might be about him.

Finally, on a sunny hilltop, a young boy sits on a bright red bike. He looks down the slope into the vanishing distance, pulls on his helmet and releases the brake.

Five stories that start separate and in isolation gradually come together as themes, characters, objects, words and callbacks combine in a rom-com for the lonely-hearted.

The show is about a chance encounter between two soulmates, how they fall in love, how they come to be apart and how they meet again.

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Tue 29 March 2022 - Wed 30 Mar 2022


Cellar Theatre


75 minutes

Age guidance


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