Drama Fri 24 September 2021

Sylvia vs the Fascists

Picture of Lawrence Batley Theatre, which is a Georgian stone building set back behind a courtyard with wooden tables and benches, with blue umbrellas, under a blue cloudy sky in Huddersfield

'A fine example of fringe theatre at its best'

North West End review of The Riot Act, 2019

1930s England. As the British government strikes bargains with Hitler and Mussolini the nation’s own fascists are on the march. While the authorities turn a blind-eye to the threat, one person is ready for battle. Sylvia Pankhurst. Feminist. Activist. Champion of Justice.

Sylvia vs the Fascists tells the story of Sylvia Pankhurst, who stood up against a British Establishment so afraid of socialism that it appeased the fascists on its own doorstep. A surreal, unconventional, and often comic retelling of a past we hear little about, but now seem close to repeating. A story of one woman's fight-back that's as relevant today as it was back in the day. History not as it was, but surely as it was meant to be.

Written and directed by Rob Johnston, winner of Best Drama at the 2017 Manchester Fringe Festival for Dark Satanic.


Fri 24 September 2021


Cellar Theatre


60 minutes

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