Music Tue 4 July 2023

Imran Aziz Mian - Qawwali


Imran Aziz Mian will be performing live with his band for the first time ever in Huddersfield!

About Artist: His voice is raspy and powerful, but this is not the sole reason for his success. Imran likes his father Aziz Mian is not only a great singer but also a great philosopher. Like his father, He is the only prominent qawwal to write his own lyrics mostly. Imran Aziz Mian's qawwalis focus more on chorus and on emphasising the main point of the qawwali through repetition in traditional style with Harmonium, Dholak and Tabla. Imran has a knack for reciting poetry to the effect that touches the audience's hearts. He brought a lot of passion to his live performances. One of the trademarks of his stage performances was his habit of getting carried away and rising to his knees (from the normal sitting position) while reciting poetry in the middle of a qawwali, losing contact with the microphone in the process. Imran Aziz is the only qawwal who can sing his father Aziz Mian Qawwal to the best following his style of performance on stage. Some of those famous performances are "Main Sharabi Sharabi" also known as "Teri Soorat", , Mann Kunto Maula, "Allah Hi Jaane Kaun Bashar Hai", and "Nabi Nabi Ya Nabi", "Ali Ali" and more! 

The Father and presently Son (Imran Aziz Mian) are fond of discussing religious and Sufi paradoxes in his qawwalis by directly addressing Allah (God) and complained about the misery of man (the best creation of the Almighty). He also has performed poetry by a number of contemporary Urdu poets, including Allama Iqbal, Sadiq and Qateel Shifai, Mirza Ghalib etc.

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Tue 4 July 2023


Main House




180 minutes

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