Drama Sat 7 May 2022



University. Lectures. Essays. Deadlines. Exams. Useless landlords. Stress. Drug dealers? Hostage situations?

Rosie and Joe are two ordinary students whose humdrum lives of seminars, daytime TV, and instant noodles are flipped upside down when the notorious drug baron Spike Roberts decides to pay a visit to their mouldy, squalid little house to recover some of his leftover supply.

Meanwhile, Spike is pursued by Inspector Grey, a grizzled police veteran with an old score to settle, and his ward, PC Willis.

The situation soon becomes tense when Rosie, Joe, and his girlfriend Liz find themselves trapped in their house with the violent criminal and surrounded by armed police. News teams from around the country soon arrive on the street, waiting with bated breath to see how the ensuing siege will unfold.

Spiked is proudly brought to you by the students of the West Yorkshire Drama Academy (WYDA) and is an original play written by one of our “WYDA graduates” SJ Bailey.


Sat 7 May 2022


Cellar Theatre


130 minutes

Intermission Duration

20 minutes

Age guidance


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