Dance Sun 11 June 2023

Once Upon A Silk


Let Silk School of Dance take you on a magical journey.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to read. Sitting in her bed she would escape to far off lands with fairies, castles and characters who would tell her tales of wonder.

One day the villain of our tale, the evil brother, entered her room and destroyed her treasured story books, ripping the pages and throwing them around in rage.

Despite her tears, the girl was determined to fix her stories and began sticking them back together. As with all great quests, the journey wasn’t easy though and mistakes were made along the way. Will the little girl manage to get all the characters back to the lands in which they belong, giving everyone a chance to find their way back home, and live happily ever after.


Sun 11 June 2023


Main House


£8.00 - £15.00


120 minutes

Intermission Duration

20 minutes

No events instances available.