Drama Tue 18 June 2024 - Fri 21 Jun 2024

The Windrush Warriors

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The Windrush Warriors, a gentle comedy with a serious message, is an affectionate story about people in the autumn of their lives.

It’s a life-affirming view of survivors, children of the Windrush generation. They’re retired and spend their days hanging out in a downtown community centre playing dominoes, knitting and bantering. However a bombshell threatens to shatter their cosy retirement. They’re having their immigration status investigated. But wait a minute, they are British citizens aren’t they? Well not according to the government. Citizenship has to be proved, and damn quick otherwise they face deportation. Will they rise to overcome?


Tue 18 June 2024 - Fri 21 Jun 2024


Cellar Theatre


£10.00 - £12.00


100 minutes

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20 minutes

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