Spoken Word and Talks Tue 22 August 2023

Sangam Festival presents An Evening of Pothwari Sher


Sangam Festival will be transforming our Courtyard into a Pothwari village where you will experience pothwari poetry or sher with traditional instruments including bells, clay water vessels and the sitar. The evening features pothwari poetry artist Raja Abid accompanied by Chaudhary Mohammad Kaleem.

Pothohar Plateau is bounded on the east by the Jhelum River, on the west by the Indus River, on the north by the Kala Chitta Range and the Margalla Hills, and on the south by the Salt Range. The southern end of the plateau is bounded by the Thal desert. The 5000 square miles of the plateau range from an average height of 1200 to 1900 feet above the sea level. Sakesar in the Salt Range is the highest mountain of the region and Tilla Jogian is the second highest. One of the five rivers of the Punjab, the Jhelum River flows through the Pothohar. The earliest evidence of human habitation in Punjab traces to the Soan valley of the Pothohar, where Soanian culture developed between 774,000 BC and 11,700 BC. This period goes back to the first interglacial period in the second Ice Age, from which remnants of stone and flint tools have been found.

The Pothwari language is unique to the area and Sangam Festival are fortunate to have with us all the way from Pakistan for the Sangam Festival Raja Abid, the foremost pothwari poetry artist of the area.

Please make sure that you are dressed for an outdoor event. Wearing traditional Pakistani clothes will make it even more special.

This event is free but you must book a ticket through Eventbrite.


Tue 22 August 2023




150 minutes

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