Drama Thu 19 May 2022

Full English


"A celebration of what love and humanity can overcome"

Yorkshire Post

"Exceptionally good"

Audience member

"Such an important relevant story"

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Us kids aren’t English, they aren’t Pakistani. They’re ours. And we love ‘em for it!

Full English by Natalie Davies & Bradford based theatre company, Bent Architect, explores personal histories from the Canterbury Estate in Bradford, where Natalie Davies grew up, along with her mother and her Nan, Cath - a reggae loving, dance enthusiast. 
Back in the late fifties, migrant workers started to arrive from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These young men soon met and started to fall in love with local lasses, including Natalie's Nan - Cath. 
Using first hand stories, Full English is a poignant, funny and life-affirming homage to the strength of women.  Those who married Pakistani men and brought up mixed race children. Those who struggled with their identity. Those whom never really belonged to any particular culture or race. Those who constantly had to stand up against racists. Those who just didn't care.

Because, let's face it, who is full English anyway?

Just as Natalie becomes a mother herself, her beloved Nan is diagnosed with dementia. Full English charts Natalie's journey as she attempts to piece together the fragments of her own identity through understanding the courage & tenacity of her Nan's story.

What emerges is a love letter - between young people who loved across the boundaries, to Natalie's Nan, to Bradford and to the courage of women everywhere facing prejudice. 


Thu 19 May 2022


Main House


90 minutes

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Creative Team

Full English is from an award-winning northern creative team, including Bradford-based writer Mick Martin (Once Upon a Time in Wigan) and director Jude Wright (Dartington Arts, Northern Broadsides).


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