Family Mon 29 May 2023

Ministry of Science Live 2023


"Why wasn't science this much fun when I was a kid?"

Entertainment South Wales

"The audience were screaming and shouting for more"

The Sussex Newspaper

The UK’s favourite science team are back and more explosive than ever!

Join our presenters as they dive deep into the world of science and look at how science shapes the modern world we live in with a few loud bangs along the way!

They’ll take an anarchic approach to science communication whilst looking at the scientists, engineers and inventors who have shaped the modern world that we live in whilst proving that each and everyone of you have the ability to change our world for the better.

Expect 20ft liquid nitrogen clouds, exploding oxygen & hydrogen balloons, fire tornados, hydrogen bottle rockets, ignited methane and even a self-built Hovercraft! 

100% Educational.  200% Entertaining.  300% Explosive. 400% Fun.


Mon 29 May 2023


Main House


£14.00 - £16.00


110 minutes

Age guidance


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