Drama Sat 26 March 2022

The Death of The Great Detective


You are invited to solve the seemingly impossible murder of world’s greatest detective; Sherlock Holmes. Even if it appears no-one but Doctor Watson believes that the man is actually dead.

In the meantime the game is afoot as Chief Inspector Scott Lanyard is found shot, stabbed & strangled all inside a locked room. Enlisted help to crack the case are Holmes’ stalwart allies Mrs Hudson, brother Mycroft and Inspector Lestrade… but can the killer really be among them? This is a whodunnit that’s more than mere elementary!

‘Mystery maestros’ Highly Suspect present an immersive interactive murder mystery fresh from a sell out, five star run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is up to the audience to solve! There’s a fiendish plot, evidence to examine, and cryptic clues to crack. But can you catch the killer?


Sat 26 March 2022


Cellar Theatre


100 minutes

Intermission Duration

20 minutes

Age guidance

8+ in attendance with adults

No events instances available.