Drama Fri 11 February 2022 - Sat 12 Feb 2022

Saving Britney


'Fans of Britney won't want to miss out'

West End Wilma

I fell in love instantly. From the moment I saw her on CD:UK. Cat Deeley introducing her like John The Baptist preparing the way of the Lord…

For Millennials like Jean, they grew up with Britney Spears. Over the course of an hour see how the Princess of Pop influenced Jean’s life and how the connections shared between them lead to an unbelievable moment of self-discovery.

Inspired by the #FreeBritney movement, Saving Britney is a hilarious and heartbreaking look at celebrity obsession, sexuality and growing up in the early noughties; featuring more nostalgia than you can shake a Tamagochi at!


Fri 11 February 2022 - Sat 12 Feb 2022


Cellar Theatre


70 minutes

Age guidance


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