Drama Fri 11 June 2021 - Sun 13 Jun 2021

Dick & Lottie: Farcicals


Dick & Lottie return to the Lawrence Batley Theatre with their take on two short farces by Alan Ayckbourn.

Meet couples Teddy & Lottie and Penny & Reggie in the interconnected one act plays Chloë With Love and The Kidderminster Affair.

Chloë With Love

Teddy’s marriage to Lottie is going through a difficult period. Does he still love Lottie? Does Lottie still love him? Cue next door neighbours Penny and Reggie to the rescue. Penny weighing in to help Lottie and Reggie resolving to help his best friend to resist temptation. But with the arrival of the voluptuous Chloë all their best laid schemes are put to the test.

The Kidderminster Affair

Sexual intrigue at Teddy’s garden barbecue. Is his secret liaison with his neighbour, Penny, about to leak out? Will his wife Lottie discover the awful truth about Kidderminster? Will Penny’s husband and best friend Reggie ever get hold of the right end of the stick? Will he burn the barbecue? Or indeed resolve the mystery of the slow puncture?


Fri 11 June 2021 - Sun 13 Jun 2021




120 minutes

Important information

Dick & Lottie’s Farcicals will take place outdoors in our Courtyard. The show will go ahead whatever the weather so please bring whatever you may need come rain or shine! 

We continue to follow the latest government guidance towards coronavirus safety measures. You can find out more about how we are keeping you safe by clicking here.

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