Dance Wed 4 May 2022

One Another - Wild Thoughts, Codi, Ludo


"Pleasing, playful, powerful."

The Reviews Hub

NDC Wales is back, as vital and creative as ever.”

Culture Whisper

Wild Thoughts was a delightful piece … a cheeky little joy."

Love Shrewsbury

Dance to reconnect us to our theatres, ourselves and... One Another.

A trio of dance from National Dance Company Wales that takes you from a wild fantasy playground to a Welsh mining community in one night.

Ludo by Caroline Finn.

A darkly funny and high-energy dance about the importance of play.

As adults we rarely make time to play, Ludo invites you to rediscover the spontaneous delights of childhood and the thrill of twisted mind games.

Swap your day job for the dressing up box and escape into a world of fantastical playgrounds and wild, unbridled imagination.

Codi by Anthony Matsena

Codi emerges from the ashes to inspire us in 2022 with a powerful and energetic story about the strength in communities banding together to tackle the hardships of life through troubled times.

Built on the foundations of Welsh mining stories told though dance, song, poetry and theatre, the audience is wrapped in a blanket of darkness before being led towards a light of hope and celebration.

Wild Thoughts by Andrea Costanzo Martini

Expect fearless, impressive dance full of playful wit that calls our bodies back to movement, pleasure, and joy.

Working in the UK for the first time, Martini will reintroduce us to our long-missed stages, offering the theatre as places to gather, express ourselves and to celebrate One Another.


Wed 4 May 2022


Main House


110 minutes

Intermission Duration

20 minutes

Age guidance


Content warning

Darkness, shouting, dancers in their underwear

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