Welcome to Your Time Is Now, part of the Walk This Play series by ThickSkin, commissioned by the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Huddersfield is trapped in a time loop. Unknowingly repeating the same day over and over. But time is slowing down, and the town is at risk of being lost forever.

Today’s assignment is to reactivate time.

Collect the clocks and clues that will help you on your way as Commander X guides you round the streets of Huddersfield. But hurry, you don’t have long!

Your mission begins in the courtyard of the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Your Time Is Now is completely free to access. Just read the information below to begin your journey. We recommend that you follow our tips below for the best experience. You are welcome to take part as many times as you choose.

Before you set off:

  • Your mission begins in the courtyard of the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
  • You will need to download the free Walk This Play app to your device via Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • In the Walk This Play app, open the Your Time Is Now walk and download the walk by clicking the small yellow button with the down arrow.
  • The App is optimised for the following operating systems: Android - version 6.0 or later / iOS version 12.0 or later.
  • Make sure you ‘download’ the walk while still connected to wifi, before you set off.
  • You will need headphones and your smartphone.

You’re ready to go:

  • Keep your GPS and wifi enabled.
  • Follow the instructions given by the narrator. As you follow the guided route you will trigger new chapters in the story.
  • The route is circular and will start and end outside the theatre, highlighted orange on the map.
  • When you start the walk, you will see your current position as a blue dot on the map.

Top tips:

  • All walks are outdoors, so wear comfy shoes and suitable clothes for the weather.
  • Download the app and the walk before you set off, while connected to wifi.
  • If the app asks you about location settings, select ‘allowed all the time’ to improve GPS.
  • Keep your wifi on during the walk as this will strengthen the GPS location, without using any data.
  • If the sound disappears, just check on your map to find your route again.
  • If you have any issues with GPS, you can find helpful information here: iPhone or Android.


  • The walk will last around 45 minutes (depending on your speed) with some inclines, but no steps.
  • The walk will wait for you and can be enjoyed at your own pace.
  • As this is an audio experience, D/deaf audiences can choose to use the in-app captions.
  • Visually impaired audiences may need a walking companion for safety with crossing roads.
  • Walk This Play experiences are suitable for ages 10+

For more help please email admin@thickskintheatre.co.ukto get in touch with the Walk This Play team.