Tales of Offenbach


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Thursday, 9 February 2017 - 7:30pm
Main stage, 7.30pm
£20 - £10 / Under 26 £8 / Kirklees Passport holders £3 off
Opera della Luna

Opera della Luna (The Ghosts of Ruddigore, The Mikado) returns to Huddersfield with two hilarious one-act operas by Jaqcues Offenbach, the French master of comic opera.


Croquefer - or The Last of the Paladins

Croquefer has abducted the daughter of his arch-rival, Rattlebone, with whom he has been at war for 23 years. Despite having lost most of his body parts, including his tongue, at the Crusades, Rattlebone is determined to fight one last battle to save his daughter. Their bloody final fight-to-the-death is only prevented by the deft interference of Croquefer’s aide Fireball, who cunningly poisons the wine, thereby inflicting on all the combatants a devastating and debilitating dose of the squits.


L’Ile de Tulipatan

On the island of Tulipatan, King Cacatois XXII is unaware that his only son and heir, Alexis, is in fact biologically, his daughter. Knowing how desperate he was for a son, the doctors concealed the child’s true sex from the king, who has now grown increasingly despairing of his son’s gentle disposition. Coincidentally, in order to avoid her child being conscripted into the army, the wife of the King’s Field Marshall has also lied to her husband about their daughter, who is in fact, a boy. How extraordinary it would be if these two bizarrely brought-up children were to meet and somehow fall in love...



'No company in the land can match this company’s collective know-how in bringing out to the max the humour of these pieces. Genuinely hilarious'




'Irresistible high jinks. The Blackadder level of humour is perfectly pitched' ★★★★