Oil and Water




Friday, 30 March 2018 - 7:00pm
Syngenta Cellar, 7.00pm
£10 / Under 26s £8 / Kirklees Passport holders £3 off / Season Saver

You’re invited to witness an act of ritual. A ceremony filled with scepticism and an artist full of hope.


Demi takes antidepressants and her Mummy-Jee drinks holy water. Both laugh at the other's choice, but after 20 years of laughing Demi has started to wonder what will happen if she takes a leap of faith, all in the hope of driving the sadness out.


OIL AND WATER is a performance about women, mental illness, religion and the beauty and absurdity of faith in the face of an illness. What happens when we suspend our disbelief?