Kim Searle

Kim Searle - resident artist



Kim says...



"I love the LBT, I exhibited in the Luddites in Kirklees exhibition in 2012 and was really inspired by the space. It has so many interesting rooms and quirky period features.


Although I am a visual artist I have always been inspired by the theatre. In the past I have worked in two different theatres and the environment has always inspired and informed my practice. I have visited the resident artist space in the LBT before and it really looks like a wonderful space to work. I currently don't have a studio since graduating from the University of Huddersfield and i miss being in an environment around other artists. I believe working alongside other artists and the public is beneficial to any artist.


I am quite eclectic when it comes to artwork, I tend to be doing many different projects at any given time. I like to try all different medias, I most frequently work with textiles, illustration, screen printing techniques, resin, photography and up-cycled paper. However I also work with pyrography, weaving, book binding, engraving and animation. My work always has whimsical and upcycled themes and often deals with site specificity and travel. For the last 6 years I have been growing my own jewellery and homewares business working with up-cycled materials, resin, textiles, paper and other media. At the same time I have completed a degree in textile crafts where I have created magnetic storytelling wallpaper, a digitally printed textile art and laser cut art piece examining at Huddersfield's textile heritage, a screen print and woven textile based craftivism project, commissioned screen print work for shops and friends, I have created stop-motion animation based on travel and while studying abroad in France I did dark room photographic and wood work installation pieces based on fairytales from the area. I have also been involved in starting a Huddersfield based feminist art collective and have run exhibitions and events as part of this collective. My work is always a simple response to my environment with craft techniques at it's core. I also regularly run workshops for all ages, my most common workshops are origami, weaving, monster making, resin, screen printing and rug tufting.


My work has a very organic process, I am influenced by the spaces around me and my work responds accordingly. In the future I would like to undertake a series of residencies around the world, each responding to the environment and town I am in and it's history and culture."



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