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The LBT’s Community Engagement Department offers people of all ages the opportunity to explore their creativity and peek behind the scenes of the theatre making process.  You can try out everything from drama, writing, discussing opera, tai chi and much more, in addition to holiday and one-off projects.  For more info on our activities, visit Young Company and Behind The Scenes.


 ‘I feel that my confidence has increased greatly since joining the LBT.  Before this, acting was the only way I could be confident but this has helped me spread that confidence across everything I do!’



We love to take workshops and performances out and about and we know that creativity in communities can make a big difference to people’s lives.  For those who might find it difficult to come here, we want to take the magic of live performance right to their doorstep.  We also work closely with groups to help their members and volunteers learn how the arts can enrich their activities.  For more info on our outreach work, visit On The Road.


‘We all enjoyed it and I’m sure the staff team will incorporate your ideas and methods into their practice.’  



We want to support artists in the area, especially as they develop new work.  So every week we’re opening our doors and offering our spare spaces.  For more info visit Spare Room.


If you would like any more information on LBT Community Engagement, please contact Rose Condo, Head of Community Engagement on 01484 484458