The Adventures of Walter Lemonface


Walter Lemonface


Tuesday, 31 May 2016 - 2:30pm
Main Stage, 2.30pm
154 Collective
Age recommendation: 
3 - 10 years


Ever wanted to control what happens in a cartoon? Now you can in this fun-filled experience for the whole family – there’s no such thing as too much joining in!


Join adventurer, fearless inventor and connoisseur of carrots, Walter Lemonface as he hunts for Rhubarb Ogres, battles ghosts and finds a new adventure around every corner.


Older than the hills around him, Walter lives in a purple shed at the bottom of a waterfall. He will tell you that he’s been everywhere, met everyone and he saves the world at least once a week. But remember, not everything Walter says is true. Oh, and he has a yellow head that looks like a lemon.


Sometimes scary, often touching and always with a healthy sprinkling of silly, you control what happens next and then watch in amazement as your story unfolds…


A magical mix of live animation, music and storytelling for children aged 3+ and their grown-ups.


154 Collective are a group of Yorkshire based artists that create exciting new work, crossing a variety of art forms.


'The children (and parents) were entranced!'