Summer Exhibition 2016


Summer Exhibition 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016 (All day) - Saturday, 3 September 2016 (All day)
Whole Venue: Open Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Exhibitions are also open to view on evenings when the venue opens for performances. Sunday opening times are from 1 hour before the performance starts.


Summer is a time to appreciate the brilliance and diversity of the world around us... and at the Lawrence Batley Theatre this seems like the perfect opportunity to enjoy the creativity of visual artists living or working across Kirklees.


An "Open" exhibition, where anyone could take part and showcase up to 3 of their creations... (and we will be doing this again next year if you're feeling inspired!)


Meet all 29 artists and a tiny insight into what makes them tick!  (If they are on the web... their name will go green when you "hover" over them - click to find out more)


  Barbara Hellowell 3D sculptures in space...
  Barbara Matula I love colour and vibrancy and use mixed media to create my art work
  David Alan Knight All my work is about feeling, there is no one description, it's up to the viewer
  Gustavo Mainetti  
Ian Clegg Walsh "Surrealistic investigations" Creating digital art based on his original sketches, montaged with layered tones from his photography. 
  James McEwan Webster A selection of my work which encompasses portraiture,steam and landscapes
  John MacFarlan  
  John Rick Hobman

See what you see.  See what you want to see!  Yorkshire Art "wi"nowt tekken owt"

  Judith Bleazard Likes painting from nature, loves our moors and surrounding countryside enjoys painting alongside other people 
  Judy Hinchliffe My aim is to give the viewer a feeling of being in a bluebell wood and looking down the path.
  Katherine Dent Creating 3D narrative work with found objects. Exploring experiences to reflect on the influences of our consumer-driven society.
  Katherine Greenwell I make carved, colour-washed tiles inspired by the British coast, our nautical history and maps. 
  Kay Dawson

I am always looking to the unique and unusual, using alternative media to create one-off designs.

  Kim Onyskiw Self taught artist inspired by nature, painting bright, cute and colourful acrylics.
  Linda Downs I am inspired by the relationship between the sculptures and beautiful landscape at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 
  Louise Elizabeth I am influenced mainly by the flora and fauna of the natural world creating a sense of walking through joy, beauty, fun and colour.
  Lucas Stephens I like to try any type of material and genre but use painting as my island because it is the best way for me to use colour in art works.
  Mariel Borst Pauwels  My work comments on overlooked and anonymous subjects in everyday life. 
  Matthew Evans Creating small experimental and spontaneous works in oil, pastel and watercolour, finding new inspiration in colour, light and texture
  Maurizio Miele To create a feeling, to touch people through my expression!
  Morwenna Catt I have a great love of animals, birds and folklore which is often evident in my work, I'm best known for my embroidered textiles.  
  Pippa Dyrlaga Paper cuts and illustration
  Richard Yeomans My romantic and expressive spray painted artworks take on popular culture, as well as exploring abstract and traditional art subjects.
  Rob Greenwood These works combine my interest in trees and the human and feature tree spirits and nymphs inspired by folklore.
  Robert P Ingham  
  Shirley Waddington I have always loved drawing but never had time to indulge until I took early retirement in 2006.
  Sylvia Gibbs I make abstract pieces using fine-worsted cloth salvaged from a redundant mill.  The mill was  famous for its suiting.
  Tom Shepherd aka Number Zwei Its things I like to draw that are graffiti influenced.
  Vanessa Stewart Rooted in drawing whilst exploring formal elements of line, colour and texture, using a wide range of media and scales. 


For their decision making in selecting all elements of the exhibition we'd like to thank:

  *  Barbara Hellowell - Artist in Residence at the LBT
  *  Mark Milnes - Artistic Director of Creative Arts Hub in Mirfield
  *  Murray Forrest - Exhibitions Co-ordinator at the LBT



Find out more about Visual Arts at the LBT

A selection of my work which encompasses portraiture,steam and landscapes