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Still crazy ... exhibition : Kaiser Chiefs photo by Mark Bickerdike

Monday, 14 March 2016 - 9:30pm - Saturday, 23 April 2016 - 9:30pm
Whole Venue: Open Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Exhibitions are also open to view on evenings when the venue opens for performances. Sunday opening times are from 1 hour before the performance starts.


A new exhibition of concert photography captures rock royalty in its prime!


Celebrating artists as diverse as Pulp, David Bowie, the Sex Pistols, Wham!, Status Quo and The Prodigy, the exhibition showcases a veritable who’s who of the rock music scene over the past five decades. Photographed at gigs and festivals by photographers Mark Bickerdike and Ian Clegg Walsh, these rare and unseen images will prove fascinating to anyone with even a passing interest in music. 


Curated by artist Kay Dawson, the exhibition brings the work of two local photographers together. Mark Bickerdike and Ian Clegg Walsh talk below about how they got started, their drive and energy, and the buzz of getting that perfect shot:


Mark Bickerdike:

“One of my first memories of music was as a six year old excitedly queueing in WH Smiths in Dewsbury to buy my first single, Long Haired Lover from Liverpool by Jimmy Osmond. OK so it’s not going to make the list of the top 100 singles of all time, but it was the start of a lifelong love (some might say obsession) with music.”

“My love of photography took a little while longer to develop, but jump forward another 12 years to Friday December 14th 1984 and I’m at The Queens Hall in Leeds desperately trying to hid my Pentax ME Super under my coat in a bid to snap a few pictures of 80’s superstars Wham. I’m not sure this was my first attempt at concert photography, but it was certainly the first where I got an even remotely usable image, and one which led to a longtime passion for live music photography.”

“For most of my career I was lucky enough to work as a staff photographer on the Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post in Leeds which gave me the chance to photograph some of the biggest acts around.
From Michael Jackson’s two concerts at Roundhay Park (including the chance to photograph him in his dressing room), to Simple Minds, David Bowie, Metallica and Foo Fighters - they have all been on the other end of my lens. I got to capture the last night of the legendary Leeds music venue The Duchess of York with Chumbawamba, and the first act on stage at the long awaited Leeds Arena: Bruce Springsteen. The local music scene continues to thrive and now I’m just as likely to be capturing images of local hopefuls at pub gigs as I am to be shooting global megastars at Leeds Arena.”


Ian Clegg Walsh:

“My interest in photography sort of happened at the same time as my interest in rock music. There were a few wasted rolls of film initially as I learned to estimate exposures (in my head) for auto exposures were not universal then.  A 200mm telephoto lens changed my world then!”

“This was a paying hobby more than anything. Apart from the one night when I was paid an incredible amount of money by an American Wings / Paul McCartney fan, there was never any real commercial slant. I just went to see the bands I enjoyed. I made my own colour prints at home in dishes with unknown health risks, and then dried the prints all over the house to my mother’s disdain. Selling the prints to fans was fun for a time.”

“I was briefly a portrait photographer prior to this, and many of my shots resemble portraits, with not that much creativity with the lighting and the postures, but slow film was a bit of a limitation. You kind of had to choose between good static shots, or lousy blurred grainy action shots. I detested flash, and very rarely used one. Interestingly I once shot Elton John with a flash exposure, but the flash was on someone else’s camera. This coincidence only happened once in twenty years and countless rolls of film.”

“The work I did then will look wonderful in a gallery setting. The colours are intense and the backgrounds are black and floodlit. They are of an era where not that much merchandising existed. When normal folks were having a few bottles of Newky Brown and enjoying the gig, I was fretting about getting spotted by security. Eventually I lost interest and moved on to other things.”

“Now, instead of documenting other people’s art I am making some of my own, but I treasure this opportunity to provide some of the stills for ‘Still Crazy’.”


And this is what you'll see



LOU REED at Sheffield City Hall 1973
COCKNEY REBEL at Leeds Town Hall 1973
QUEEN at Leeds Town Hall 1973  
YES at Sheffield City Hall 1973  
NAZARETH at Leeds Town Hall 1973  
FAMILY at Bradford University 1973  
ELTON JOHN at Sheffield City Hall 1973  
TREX at Sheffield City Hall 1973  
DAVID BOWIE at Bradford St.George's Hall 1973

NEW YORK DOLLS at Leeds University 1973  
MOTT THE HOOPLE  at Leeds Town Hall 1973  
FREDDIE MERCURY OF QUEEN at Bradford St. George's Hall 1974
DEEP PURPLE at Sheffield City Hall 1974  
MICK RONSON at Sheffield City Hall 1974  
STEELEYE SPAN at Leeds Town Hall at 1974

URIAH HEEP at Sheffield City Hall 1974  
LYNYRD SKYNYRD  at Leeds Town Hall 1974

DANA GILLESPIE at Leeds University 1974  
BE BOP DELUXE at Leeds University 1974  

BILL NELSON (BE BOP DELUXE) at Leeds University 1974  
HEAVY METAL KIDS at Leeds Town Hall 1974   
BAD COMPANY at Leeds Town Hall 1974  
STATUS QUO at Leeds University 1974  
WISHBONE ASH at Leeds University 1974

CURVED AIR at Leeds Town Hall 1975

THE DAMNED at Leeds Polytechnic 1976  
DOCTOR FEELGOOD at Manchester Palace Theatre 1976 
THIN LIZZY at Bradford St.George's Hall 1976  
LITTLE FEAT at Manchester Palace Theatre 1976

SEX PISTOLS Leeds Polytechnic 1976

STRANGLERS at Leeds Queens Hall 1977  

PETER GABRIEL at Bradford St. George's Hall 1977  
THE SAINTS at Leeds Queens Hall 1977

DAVID BOWIE at Stafford Bingley Hall 1977

TELEVISION Sheffield City Hall 1979

ATHLETICO SPIZZ at Leeds Queens Hall 1979 

BOOMTOWN RATS at Bradford St.George's Hall 1982 
THE FALL at Leeds Polytechnic 1984

JOHNNY MATTHIS at Manchester Arena 2011

WHAM at Queens Hall, Leeds, December 1984

HAPPY MONDAYS at Elland Road, Leeds, June 1991

VEGAS in Leeds March 1993

MICHAEL STIPE at Huddersfield July 1995

Dusk falls at Heineken Festival, Leeds, July 1995

THE PRODIGY at V97 Festival, Leeds, August 1997

DAVID BOWIE at Town and Country Club, Leeds, August 1997

CHUMBAWAMBA at Duchess of York, Leeds, March 2000

MORRISSEY at Leeds Town Hall April 2006

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD at O2 Academy, Leeds, December 2009

ELI PAPERBOY REED at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, August 2011

MUSE at Leeds Festival August 2011

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE at Leeds Festival August 2011

THE STROKES at Leeds Festival August 2011

SEASICK STEVE at Leeds Festival August 2011

PULP at Leeds Festival August 2011

FOO FIGHTERS at Leeds Festival August 2012

GREEN DAY at Leeds Festival August 2012

PARAMORE at Leeds Festival August 2012

THE CURE at Leeds Festival August 2012

ODD FUTURE at Leeds Festival August 2012

KASABIAN at Leeds Festival August 2012

ALL TIME LOW at Leeds Festival August 2012

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE at Leeds Festival August 2012

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN at Leeds Arena July 2013

BIFFY CLYRO at Leeds Festival August 2013

MUDSLIDE at Leeds Festival August 2013

Wet festival fans at Leeds Festival August 2013

OLLIE SYKES gets mobbed at Leeds Festival August 2013

KAISER CHIEFS at Leeds Arena September 2013

TREASON KINGS at The Wardrobe, Leeds, July 2015

BANANA fans at Leeds Festival August 2015

METALLICA at Leeds Festival August 2015

SLAVES at Leeds Festival August 2015

MUMFORD AND SONS at Leeds Festival August 2015

Dry festival fans at Leeds Festival 2015




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