Ryoko Akama

Ryoko Akama


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Sound artist/ composer/ performer.


Ryoko is a sound artist/composer/performer, who approaches listening situations that magnify silence, time and space and offer quiet temporal/spatial experiences. Her sound works are connected to literature, fine art and technology, and employ small and fragile objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles, creating tiny occurrences that embody ‘almost nothing’ aesthetics. She composes text events and performs a diversity of alternative scores in collaboration with international artists. Her projects have been funded by Arts Council England, Japan Society, Daiwa-Anglo Foundation, University of Huddersfield, Kirklees Council, Pro Helvetia and more. She has worked with Tony Conrad, David Toop, Cristian Alvear, Audra Wolowiec, Taku Sugimoto etc. She is also active as a curator: collaborates with festivals, runs melange edition label and co-edits reductive journal/mumei publishing.


Ryoko says

I compose a sound installation in the same way as I compose a text score. In this particular practice, emptiness, or almost nothing, is emphasised that makes the viewer confront with a strong sense of reality and imagination. This of course has been examined by artists such as Cage and Rauschenberg, but my influence comes more from Japanese aesthetics of nothingness, and I demonstrate these ideas in the most minimal and contemporary structure. I like simplicity, which provokes vast possibilities. Fred Sandback, Carl Andre, Max Eastley, Yoko Ono .. diverse genre of artists have influenced on me in order to experiment on the particular abstract forms. 


I think of my sound installation as unfinished (process) inventories of fragments that compose the space: objects, motors, lines, drawings and other inventions. They are improvisational sites in which the constructed and the ready-made are used to question my intentions; concepts and aesthetics. The arrangements are sometimes meaningful and the other times not, inviting the audience to be in the space of speculation. It is a conversation between objects and space that I enjoy creating, which magnifies noise, music and silence, and this continuous process offers unexpected occurrences that happen in a plain sight. Various facts collide, overlap and collaborate in the space. I want the viewer to notice what is always there that has not been noticed - a surprise to take back home as a memory of the exhibition/concert."



Web:  www.ryokoakama.com

MUMEI (independent publisher) www.mumeipublishing.com

melange edition (music label) www.melangeedition.com

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