DETAIL : English Summer Rain by Richard Yeomans

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Monday, 16 January 2017 (All day) - Saturday, 25 February 2017 (All day)
Whole Venue: Open Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Exhibitions are also open to view on evenings when the venue opens for performances. Sunday opening times are from 1 hour before the performance starts.


An exhibition with a touch of irony (an actor calls "line!" when they need prompting) encompassing a range of Kirklees based artists; the driving rain of Richard Yeomans; the line drawing of Margaret Sowerby; digital artwork with linear perspectives of Ian Clegg Walsh; engraved and embossed line in the jewellery of Anna McDade;  grain and design in wooden pieces created by Birstall Wood Turners, and of course sight lines in the theatre triptych of Ali White.


In alphabetical order:

Ali White created the stunning photomontage "The Pledge" for the theatre foyer as a triptych approx 3 x 2 metres on stretched archival quality canvas.  He says "It was created from several hundred photoraphs of interior of the theatre. As you can see, it combines the view of the stage from the auditorium with that of the auditorium from the stage in a single plane. It also casts the space in a particular light - the perception of theatre as a form of magic. This is why I have called 'The Pledge' after the first phase in the traditional conjuring trick where the illusionist shows the audience something palpably real and ordinary which they know is about to be transformed into something extraordinary."  We always have this on show within the theatre as Ali generously donated it to us.  It can either be found on the centre of the curve in the Balcony (where it can be seen by passers by from the opposite side of the street!), or as currently on the centre of the curve immediately inside the main doors.  We're also proud to host our "portrait" in The Upper Bar, which shows the facade of the whole courtyard - again capturing more than one perspective.


Anna McDade's striking jewellery pieces are designed either by hand or digitally using vector drawing techniques.  As she explains "much of my work incorporates imagery of natural forms such as birds, flowers and trees. My designs are often highly decorative and influenced by both Celtic art and Art Nouveau. I also incorporate components from vector images I create and print to very large scale.  I use heat transfer or photo-etch methods to apply my designs to metal and chemically etch using non toxic etching methods. In the case of copper work, I often use heat to create wonderful, iridescent patinas on the surface of each piece.  Silver is usually oxidised to emphasise the etched and impressed designs.  I recycle my metals wherever possible by melting and reforming scrap into sheet and wire.

I trained in Fine Art at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in 1996, specialising in photography.  My practice has evolved through use of a diverse range of mediums, including graphic design, illustration and digital image manipulation; I am also a qualified teacher of art and design, and have run a number of workshops in image manipulation and jewellery making. 



Birstall Wood Turners are showcasing a few beautifully tactile pieces from members Martin Brockley and Graham Crawshaw.  A friendly informal group happy to encourage those who'd like to know a bit or even try their hand at wood turning.  Despite the name of the group they're actually based in Mirfield.



Ian Clegg Walsh's exhibition of vibrant digital images tells us a little story "Once upon a time there was a photographer… Who became an artist… Who became interested in mosaics… Who then became obsessed with toned collages… Who then became absorbed with the print making process… Who then became engrossed with automated abstracts… Who then was published in New York… Who then sold a few prints… Who then arrived here…"


Margaret Sowerby says of her detailed line drawings “My aim is to produce a body of work on subjects that I care about and has significance for me; to present them in a way that refreshes our experience and questions how we view things and what they stand for.”  Born in Denby Dale, West Yorkshire, Margaret Sowerby studied painting and ceramics at Huddersfield School of Art and more recently at Bradford College. She taught art for 34 years in schools in Yorkshire, Singapore and Germany. Margaret exhibits regularly at Holmfirth Exhibition and her interests have been mainly portraiture, animals, sport and food.



Richard Yeomans ... romantic and expressive spray paint artist based in Mirfield invites us in to his world...
"Back in the mid-eighties, a little person was born. That little person was me. That little person grew a bit and said his first word... car. That little person drew pictures, usually of cars. That little person then grew some more and went to university, where he got a degree in Transport Design.  That little person became inspired by music, spray paint, Vincent van Gogh, the weather, films, paint splats, architecture, Frank Miller, the British landscape, photography, Jack Vettriano, love, Japan, the sky, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, early 20th century travel posters and a small purple character, who he named Bert. That little person used all these things that had inspired him, drew more pictures and played with paint.  The little person now welcomes you to his 'RAIN SERIES'
An ongoing series of works which were originally inspired by graphic novels, but are developing from stylised methods of storytelling into a more expressive analysis of the weather, especially in the later abstract paintings, and are continuously evolving, much like the weather itself."


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