Freyja Boycott-Garnett

Freyja Boycott-Garnett


Freyja says...

My work is a combination of illustration and papercut. I like to explore with media and materials, particularly paper, to see what I can create. Throughout a lot of my work, I am thinking about movement, I have intentions of experimenting with stop motion animation to see what scenes I can create.

For many years, I have had a lot of links with the LBT, starting from my time going to youth theatre there. I have always felt it has been a great for the Huddersfield community to come together and engage with the arts. For this reason, I find it a nostalgic place with inspirational spaces in it, from the architecture to seeing the sets of different shows. I feel I would like to play on all of this in my own work and use my surroundings to inspire my new creations.

As someone who was born and bred in Huddersfield, I hope to use the space at the LBT to allow me to create a work based on Huddersfield and its heritage.






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