DETAIL : A cold bed - Mara Acoma

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Monday, 27 February 2017 (All day) - Saturday, 15 April 2017 (All day)
Whole Venue: Open Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5pm
Exhibitions are also open to view on evenings when the venue opens for performances. Sunday opening times are from 1 hour before the performance starts.


Life is made up of moments... BLINK and you miss them.  This exhibition showcases artists working in very different ways, exploring their own personal themes... and creating new "moments" for the viewer to reflect on. 


In alphabetical order:

Freyja Boycott-Garnett

Storytelling with a sense of naivety: captivating nature by exploring fairy tales and folklore through illustration and paper cut.


John Carroll

A series of high contrast black and white still life studies in charcoal and soft pastel. Each depicting a scene made up of personal objects, arranged as if part of a stage set, on the family kitchen table. Carroll stated “Some of the objects have been with my family for many generations and have become imbued with memories, creating their own history. Making this set of drawings I have been fascinated with the way we, as people, project emotion and meaning on to inanimate objects”* Lit dramatically from above the objects take on a new life, like characters in a melodrama. A mixture of toys, books, household ornaments, crockery and cutlery - the kind of things you may expect to find on a table in the center of the home. All take center stage under the spotlight, challenging the viewer to contemplate on the thoughts and emotions we all at times bring to the kitchen table.


Julia Cukerman

"My art is inspired by my dreams and each piece contains a little bit of my personality.
I live in a bubble of fairytale and wonderlands and that is how I escape the reality of this sometimes harsh world


Mara Acoma

What lies just outside of our vision? Are there ghosts all around us, just out of sight? Are they lost souls, hiding just outside our normal vision?  
What if we could see them? If I died tomorrow, what would my ghost do? Where  
would it go?

At the start of 2012 Mara came face to face with the very real possibility of becoming the last surviving member of her family when her mother became critically ill with cancer. This possibility of familial solitude caused her to question what might happen beyond death. If ghosts are echoes of our perceived identities then what would her ghost do and why? This series explores the artists personal thoughts alongside universal themes raised around loss and transitions.



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