Birds & Beasts


Birds & Beasts


Friday, 7 July 2017 - 8:00pm
Syngenta Cellar, 8pm

Birds and Beasts are a new group self-releasing a series of singles to promote their forthcoming album. Imagine a parallel universe where David Attenborough left the BBC in 1966 and moved to California to write some songs will get you somewhere close to the sound of Birds and Beasts. Drawing their inspiration from the natural world to create their classic sounding feral pop-rock, this group create memorable and distinctive music that really gets under your skin.


The concept took root whilst Leo and Anna Rogge were marooned in a log cabin during a fierce German snowstorm. Luckily they had a big stack of nature documentaries and an acoustic guitar handy so set to work on the first songs of the project. Joined by Hep Cairns and Luke Granata; their first releases are recorded mostly in their home studio but mastered at Abbey Road studios. The band’s commitment to the DIY approach and powerful songs have created a varied album of beauty and ugliness that reflects the highs and lows of life on earth.


Although the songs cover such topics as: Sharks' electric senses, spiders' terrifying mating ordeals, the bizarre strategies fish rely on to be noticed by the opposite sex and the impossibly particular demands of female birds; the words resonate with the real life experiences of the listener and allow us to connect to the animal kingdom of which we are a part.