Art Cards at the LBT

An opportunity for you to be considered as one of our featured artists in our Art Card Gallery.
1) We have two areas at the theatre where cards are on display. Queenies - our coffee shop open daily 8am to 3pm, and Box Office open daily 9.30am to 5pm (or until the show starts).
2) The minimum number of cards we take is 4, the maximum is 20 (nothing is stored, everything is on display).
3) We will take 15 percent commission on any sales (if your card was priced at a £1, you would get 85p).
4) Cards are sale or return, offering them for sale at the LBT is done at your own risk.
5) Art Cards must be YOUR OWN work.
Excited by the chance to have your work available for sale? Fill in the form (including uploading a photo of a card you have made), and we will be in touch!

Please give the name you would like us to use eg. Jo (although your full name may be Joanne)

Please give your full name or group/ organisation name eg. Tram Track at Historical Train Art (but your name is Jo to talk to). This will be used to describe you in any promotional information, and would be who we would address payment to if anything should sell).

Although you may have more than one e-mail address, please provide the one you use most (so we can keep in contact).

Please provide your full address including postcode, as should any cards sell payment will be sent by cheque to this address.