Abeyant exhibition : Image "Post" - Chrissy Eastwood

Monday, 5 September 2016 (All day) - Saturday, 15 October 2016 (All day)
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Exploring... with two very different artists the title "Abeyant" (temporarily inactive, stopped, or suspended), which ties to the anticipation before a performance, fairground ride, or the expectation of a landscape..


Chrissy Eastwood’s photography journey started many years ago, though with a family to bring up her passion for art and photography was put on hold.  After returning to education in 2010 when Chrissy attended an access to HE course in Art and Design at Huddersfield Highfields College, Chrissy realised her ambitions were not out of reach, and she attended a two year full time Digital Photography Degree with Leeds Met University, and a third year BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Photography with Teesside University at Batley School of Art.

Her obsession with old architecture and abandoned buildings, be it be residential or industrial has always been there.

Exploring empty spaces which once was a place of work or a home has inspired her work, she finds them fascinating and when objects are found it takes the building to another level, and creates a scene of how this space existed in its previous life.

Chrissy paid a visit to the abandoned town of Pripyat in Chernobyl, Ukraine in Feb

2014 to capture the atmospheric scene and use her images in a London exhibition. Chrissy stayed for two days in the 30 kilometre exclusion zone, the whole area being in isolation from the rest of the country is nothing compared to the desolation and destruction she experienced whilst in the zone.

The vast area is now vacant of the 50,000 families who lived there 30 years ago.

Empty schools once thrived with children eager to learn, filled with echoing voices in the corridors, now stand rotting with books and gas masks covering the floors.

A sports hall's climbing rope and goal posts are in a void of enormous broken windows with the infamous Ferris wheel in view, the pleasure park which never opened. Apartment blocks stretch for miles as the forest moves in slowly to reclaim the town that never wakes, no cars on the roads they were all buried in the already destroyed soil of Pripyat as it slowly returns to nature.

This exhibition marks the 30 years anniversary since the Chernobyl disaster, it exposes the desolation and silence which envelopes the ghost town of Pripyat, opened in 1970 built for the plant workers, and now abandoned following the Nuclear Explosion of reactor number 4 on the 26th April 1986.

Valentyna Abramovych her husband and their infant son were forced to evacuate their home in the Chernobyl workers’ city of Pripyat, leaving behind all their belongings. They were shuffled around, first to a nearby village then to a relative’s house.


“Every day, I would watch television and expect to hear when we could come back,” Valentyna Abramovych



Vanessa Stewart one of the LBT's resident artists who takes inspiration from the interplay of movement and images.

Vanessa’s practice is rooted in drawing exploring formal elements of line, colour and texture, using a wide range of media and scales. Her visual language is best described as expressive and organic. Her compositions are often reinterpreted through digital techniques. The resulting compositions are richly layered, deliberately ambiguous and resonant of natural processes.  Her aim is to create joyful imagery that explores and celebrates our fascinating and curious world, whilst prompting   the viewer to wonder & speculate.

Vanessa has an ongoing project of mark making made during live jazz gigs, where the immediacy of rhythm and timbre are captured in gestural auto-responses to the rich tonal landscape.  An aspiration is to have the results reinterpreted as graphic scores.


Vanessa’s background is an educator: people are just as much her material as pencil or pixel.  She aims to stimulate creative confidence by encouraging each participant to have a go in the workshops she runs from her studio in Lindley. 


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